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Here's how it works...

Pick Your Room

Needing some help with a space in your home? We are here to help you fall in love with your hallway, bathroom, or any space listed below. I will take care of putting together the perfect style for your space that you have always wanted!

Hallways | Foyer | Stairwell  | Powder Room $750

Family Room | Living Room | Game Room | Master Bedroom | Master Bath $1,500

Dining Room | Kids Bedroom | Nursery $1,250

Breakfast Room | Office Room | Guest Room | Bathroom $1,000

Complete Questionnaire

Just a few questions to answer! Fill out a quick questionnaire that will help us get to know you and better understand your style. You will receive a email from me withing one business day once I receive your filled out questionnaire.

Measure & Take Pictures

Once we are in contact through email I will request for you to measure your space(s), take pictures of the space(s) and any items that you would like me incorporate into your space.

Please make sure to measure the items you would like to incorporate so that I can get a better sense of scale for these pieces.

For each space I would suggest to take a picture from every angle including one from the entry (this shot should show an overall view of the space).

If you need help with measuring we can always hop on the phone and I can better assist you.


After you submit your photos and measurements, I will follow us with answering any questions you may have, discussing furniture budgets, design completion date,  and lastly, send over a payment request. Now here is where the fun starts!

Mood Board Presented

You will receive your Mood Board, personalized shopping list, and a sketch furniture layout for the space on the scheduled day we agreed upon. Your personalized shopping list will include links to the recommend pieces shown on the mood board with pricing, details, and quantity's for a easy shopping experience.


Revision Round (if needed)

Not quite sure about a piece? No worries! One round of revisions is included in your service.

Dress your Space

Voila! You are now ready to bring this design to life with the confidence of a  master interior designer!You Got this!

We would love to see your final results! Share with us on our instagram @HouseofCottet or just email us a few shots.

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